Cheerful bathroom equipment of

Cheerful bathroom equipment of
At such improbable abundance of models of the sanitary equipment it is heavy to answer a question what in a sample should be a bathroom. Someone likes classics: a sterile whiteness, faultless functionality and lack of any parts of a decor both in a bathroom interior, and in design of the sanitary equipment. Someone, on the contrary, prefers picturesque paints and non-standard decisions both at registration of the room, and in furnish of furniture, baths, sinks, toilet bowls, accessories etc. And there are also such individuals, which unable to make absolutely to make a choice as it is pleasant to them both the 1st, and the 2nd option.

Though, in the latter case the best decision too can be found. At all this it is even simpler, than it can seem at the 1st look.

Two known architects Richard Rogers and Luis Vidal connected the efforts in a little unusual for their sphere and developed a collection of unique bathroom equipment of "Mood" which possesses both elegance of forms, and the most white sparkling санфаянса, and different options of a visible decor.

Cheerful bathroom equipment of
It is acceptable that the customer can choose color and style of parts of dressing itself, being guided or by own flavoring preferences, or correlating color of furnish of the equipment to already available interior.

So, the Mood collection is a unique modular system which equally can be successfully placed both in small, and in big bathrooms on the area. The products exposed in a collection are executed in laconic modern design therefore perfectly will approach under though what interior style.

And a highlight of products and accessories from a new collection is unusual final registration of decorative panels, frames of wall mirrors and the table-tops, executed in bright red, saturated-dark blue, solar and yellow or neutrally white color.

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