Visible concrete in a bathroom

Visible concrete in a bathroom of
We got used to think that concrete can be used only for a system of works that designs from concrete it something massive, bulky and surely gray. Actually all at all so. Concrete too can be pliable, esthetic and different. Direct to that the proof — prestigious for this day concrete sinks — fine, compact and comfortable.

For example, a new collection of unique sinks of "Kast Concrete" from one famous European brand. 12 models of products entered into it from concrete different in a form, depth of a bowl, color, the invoice and a configuration. Supplement design of integral designs multi-colored mixers, bright "specks" acting over simple rectangular shapes of sinks of "Kast Concrete".

The range of other company also replenished this year with a sink from concrete. The design of the Elletre model foresees standard fastening on a wall, and the mixer for a novelty can be selected from the catalog offered by brand. Interest first involve dissymetric forms of a sink are smooth — not always this "reception" is used when developing the modern equipment for a bathroom. But most of all strikes unusual color of concrete — color of a mature blackberry. Hardly a sink of such shade to you was brought to see earlier. In volume and a highlight!

Visible concrete in a bathroom of

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