Bathroom equipment: smooth forms always in a fashion!

Bathroom equipment: smooth forms always in a fashion!
Laconic and strict, direct and minimalist forms in modern design are used everywhere that completely corresponds to "technogenic" lifestyle of the majority of people. And, after all, smooth ergonomic forms of various subjects of a life and a house situation remain same actual and more suitable. As though we were not proud of the civilization, pleasant natural forms are still lovely to our hearts.

Such principles in design of all products, including in various models of sinks are guessed. For example, the new sink under the title of "Impronta" answers a meeting to all inquiries. External forms of a novelty – rectangular, accurate and strict. But the internal surface of a product has no the 1st corner – a bed of a sink as if is created Bathroom equipment: smooth forms always in a fashion!
by water flow and differs smooth bends and roughnesses.

The sink of "Impronta" is intended for fastening on a wall, it is possible to equip it in addition lateral reyly for towels and to include in a set with the shower cabin which design is executed in similar style.

«Piroga» sink — the complete antithesis of the first of the presented models. Forms remind it or the gentle petal lying on a water surface, or the easy small boat, going down stream the rivers. An internal surface of a product smooth and smooth, tear-shaped forms of a sink do reminiscence of naturalness, elegance and softness. Added by the mixer to whose having given vent it is executed in the form of the stiffened drop of water, such sink to mount which it is necessary on a table-top, looks very representatively.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:10 пп