Mixer of the last generation

Mixer of the last generation
The mixers equipped with indicators of water temperature, already to surprise nobody. But similar models are constantly improved, and therefore novelties in this area suffice.

For example, the designer of Zeyu Zeng not so long since presented the new project – surprisingly compact and stylish mixer for «Reece Slide Tap» sinks.danny model draws attention, first, the unusual appearance – at the 1st look, it even is heavy for accepting without Mixer of the last generation
the mixer, after all излива is not observed! Actually, it is, simply skillfully hides in the model case, moving aside by phone slider principle. Interesting decision? Naturally! But there is more to come.

«Reece Slide Tap» is also equipped with 2 touch panels which are responsible for adjustment of temperature and a water pressure – yes, obeying ordinary pressing. At all this the mixer has the screen on which the current temperature is displayed, and still possesses ability to remember optimum to you function that in particular with comfort if in the house lives some people with different preferences concerning water temperature for washing.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:03 пп