Fashion on classics непреходяща … even for bathroom equipment

Fashion on classics непреходяща … even for bathroom equipment
The furniture and accessories for a bathroom will not need additional advertizing if on them there is a mark «is made in Italy». All it is very long time ago clear, what cool quality and inimitable design the products made by the Italian masters possess. In particular if such subjects are made on one of the known, perfectly proved furniture factories of the old city of Florence.

Here and the last collection of the equipment and accessories for a bathroom, let out by one famous Florentine brand, did not become an exception of the general rule. For example, «Aurora Bijoux» bath – modern interpretation of model of an old bath Aurora executed in style of neoromanticism. The new model all also represents separately standing object, all also has a high headboard, but as a support for it not bent legs, and unique round spheres serve. Legs of a bath are made of the polished aluminum, and a bed – from a composite of ordinary white or cream color.

A series of Antique mixers is a new transformation of one of the very first collections, the let-out Fashion on classics непреходяща … even for bathroom equipment
company in last century. All models of mixers in a collection are stylized under the 20th years, in other words under romantic style of a retro. As an ornament of gates of products the big black crystals which are perfectly combining with gilding, soft shine of chrome and cool color of nickel serve.

The Jubile collection which has been executed in the spirit of art деко, also abounds with effective dark flowers in a decor of the varnished parts of products. Not including it the collection includes two new models of smart mixers for a sink.

And the collection of mirrors replenished to a meeting with five new models, not very well what from which carries the name of great operas – «Boheme», «Figaro», «Nabucco», «Norma», «Salome». The design of new mirrors differs on spirit, mood, sounding. Here classical forms are incorporated with east motives of decors, baroque curls intertwine with distinguished arabesques and the stylized flower ornament. A framework for each mirror is carried out only manually, from valuable wood махагони, and their surface is covered with silver and mosaic gold.