Features of an origin of mixers — 1 part

Features of an origin of mixers - 1 part
As to «national specifics» mixers, and from this point of view it is possible to note some differences. Everything is explained by features of a warehouse of reason. For example, a pedantry of Germen — nearly their most respective line, and care about health and as it is necessary, hygiene — an indispensable condition of life. From here and result: mechanisms of the German production are allocated with a big set of possible functions and "are pathologically reliable". It is considered that it is long devices which practically do not need under repair. Until recently producers in general did an emphasis generally on functionality: that sanitary devices served more long, were комфортабельны in operation and are simple in leaving. From here ergonomic design, some simplicity and form geometrichnost. Moderately German functionalism became the conventional style. But, winning the world market, the companies from this country started to involve in cooperation and world renowned designers (for example, Philippe Starck) that, naturally, added graces in a collection of the German sanitary devices, and specifically mixers.

Features of an origin of mixers - 1 part
And the mixer from Hansgrohe Metropol S which design was created by Phoenix Design, won the prize iF Design Award 2005. It bribes smart minimalism of a form and a high silhouette with the verified proportions. The main signs are harmonous having given vent and the flat handle which is in a literal sense put in action by one finger. The elegant option E of the same Metropol collection draws to itself attention the smart case with soft, streaming roundish forms.

Englishmen — infinite rivals of Germen — the first once established toilet bowls in own houses and laid on water with hot and cold water. But, having made it really revolutionary improvement of a life, they for some reason тормознули on reached, and mixers in foggy Albion did not appear: still, as well as two eyelids ago, in the majority of dwellings there is a wash basin with 2 cranes, and water is connected in a sink. Norm of life is existence in old houses of a bath, to fill which lack of a shower is necessary 2 descent the current streams of water, and. Therefore been to Great Britain to visit friends travelers who like to take a shower in the evenings, often do it in the country way, having filled a spotless bucket at first with cold Features of an origin of mixers - 1 part
water, and late is hotter. Completely to plunge into rural memoirs stirs that fact that, having a shower bath from a bucket, you see behind a bathroom window tile roofs and spikes of old London ….

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