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Bath from … chocolate

Sweet teeth, behave in hands! The known chocolate brand made the whole set of the sanitary equipment for a bathroom from … the best Belgian chocolate! The full-size bath from the milk chocolate, decorated with a smart pattern from chocolate dark became deification of this unique collection.

Bath from … chocolate
To look at a bath not to see enough! And it would Continue reading

Lets organize the sewerage

In ancient times the invention of the sewerage helped out the earth population from distribution of epidemics connected with insanitary conditions in big cities. At present designers develop new systems of the sewerageLets organize the sewerage
and and sewage treatment which are urged to do life of people even more convenient, more safely, more pleasantly.

Let’s consider Continue reading

Warmly with a prefix smart. New thermostats

A series of electroadjusting Merten devices, replenished with new model of the advanced electronic thermostat. With its help it is possible to operate more precisely all system of heating of the house because to create control over temperature and these modes of options at present it is possible via the successful touch screen with LED illumination.

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Installation — business terrible – the 2nd part

Installation — business terrible - the 2nd part
If your toilet room has unique design and you have a possibility to locate the device in deepening well below floor level, check, that fitters built in a ladder through passage under a bathroom. If the density of a bowl is broken, water in the sewerage will flow down through it. The diameter of the by-pass pipeline here should be more than 50 mm. Continue reading

We choose curtains in a hall

Completion of repair in a hall was marked by the decision on a choice of curtains, as the decorative element, capable to give more comfortable and clean look to a room. But as ideas of a choice of curtains in a family dispersed, it was necessary to resort to the help of the professional designer. The curtains chosen by the specialist very harmoniously Continue reading


Actually not everything is so terrible, as can seem at the 1st look. According to the federal law «About a subsoil», «owners, owners of sites have the right to create in their borders production of vserasprostranenny suitable minerals and construction of underground constructions for own needs on depth пятm meters, the device and operation of household Continue reading

Built-in filters of

Built-in filters of
The most comfortable and popular built-in filters for today are. They were to the taste both to owners of apartments, and owners of dachas with water supply system. They consist of special capacities (from 2 to 5 pieces), mounted on one plastic case, not very well what from which is a separate step of cleaning. The more steps, the more purely you Continue reading

Esthetics and cool in the house

The coming nearer summer assumes timely protection of our houses against the excessive sun. And at present the last development in the sphere of sun-protection fabrics – the materials "Screen" and "Soltis" can execute this important function. At all this to be protected with their help it is possible without trivial isolation Continue reading

Water filters for the house

Water filters for the house
For a start let’s define that represent these wonderful filters (do not confuse them to household filters for purification of drinking water). It the devices detaining harmful foreign matters (grains of sand, fibers of hempen stuffing, a rust particle) and rescuing that your household and to bathroom equipment from raneshny failure.

So, if you Continue reading

Installation — business terrible – 1 part

Installation — business terrible - 1 part
Naturally, installation of the hydromassage equipment it is necessary to entrust specialists, otherwise shortly it is possible to face inevitability of new repair.

Before inviting professionals, it is necessary to be convinced that technical properties at your place correspond to the put requirements. It is a question first of a water pressure Continue reading