Bath from … chocolate

Sweet teeth, behave in hands! The known chocolate brand made the whole set of the sanitary equipment for a bathroom from … the best Belgian chocolate! The full-size bath from the milk chocolate, decorated with a smart pattern from chocolate dark became deification of this unique collection.

Bath from … chocolate
To look at a bath not to see enough! And it would be desirable to bite off a slice! But be careful those who looks after the weight and always keeps to a diet – caloric content of a chocolate bath makes neither more nor less 8 million calories! As to other subjects – sinks, a toilet bowl and a bidet – that their power value in only 100 times more ordinary for the person of day norm.

And still. As though it would be desirable that, to use for the intended purpose neither a bathroom, nor a sink, other subjects it will not turn out. That unique confectionery remained in an integrity and safety in them it is impossible to pour warm water, near them it is impossible to put heaters or radiators of system of heating. Moreover, the bath, a sink, a toilet bowl and a bidet from the purest chocolate are afraid even of sunshine so the unusual allsorts should be stored in special aspects.

What сподвигло the producer to make this chocolate masterpiece the price? 50 000? The answer look for on the Internet. All the matter is that in search inquiries of guests of a site of the company which is letting out bathroom equipment, the most banal mistake very often met – instead of the phrase "bathroom suite" people used «bathroom sweet». And time users look for a "sweet" bath why not to meet them? Even if this bathroom can be charmed only and сглатывать slobbers …

Updated: 2 марта, 2016 — 12:47 дп