Built-in filters of

Built-in filters of
The most comfortable and popular built-in filters for today are. They were to the taste both to owners of apartments, and owners of dachas with water supply system. They consist of special capacities (from 2 to 5 pieces), mounted on one plastic case, not very well what from which is a separate step of cleaning. The more steps, the more purely you receive water. Feature of identical technology will be that there is a separate crane, on it cold water flows. But mount it near the basic, directly on a sink (sink). From a pipe to the filter by means of a tee take away a flexible hose. There are these devices is absolutely acceptable — from 1 thousand to 5 thousand roubles.

On the first place on adaptability to manufacture and a demand in the market of this water-purifying equipment — the devices functioning by a principle with very strange title. In it and something is heard "space" — return осмос! Despite seeming mysteriousness, everything is simple. In the filter to Built-in filters of
several phases of cleaning (from the 3rd to 6) one more is added, but what! It consists of the special membrane which time is so small that slip through them water molecules can only, and to microparticles of salts, heavy metals and other harmful impurity through this barrier simply not to break through. There is a similar system quite expensively and is very susceptible to huge particles — under their influence the membrane very quickly becomes unfit for use (simply gets littered). As it is necessary, water on the way to it should be very nezapyatanny. Therefore, for example, at the four-stage filter on the first step mechanical impurity are intercepted, on the second business is entered by the coal cartridge detaining harmful chemical substances and bacteria, the 3rd component clears water of particles of the dissolved metals, and already the 4th — practically, the block of the return осмоса — catches all the smallest.

Built-in filters of
Despite terrible pluses, is here and the shortcomings. Main from them as it was told above — sensitivity to the parts of sand which times are coming across in water. Not much on temper and low productivity — to 200 l a day. Because of it the device, usually, includes also special capacity for a congestion of nezapyatanny water. But a number of the companies offered other exit from the created situation, having established multistage membrane system which allowed to be released from accumulative capacity and raised a product yield to 400 l. Besides the filter supplied with a pomp increasing pressure in the device.

Powerful minus of direct-flow systems of the return осмоса — the high price — about 15-20 thousand roubles. Accumulative is slightly cheaper, them it is possible прибрести for 4,5–12 thousand roubles. The sum depends on quantity of steps and existence of electronic sensors.

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