Drilling of wells on water

Drilling of wells on water
Well drilling — often unique decision when it is a question of independent water supply of cottages and dachas. Even if there is a possibility to connect the house to the central water supply, there are cases when quality of water does not suit owners therefore a well consider as other source.

Existence of small-sized drilling rigs allows:

— to do works even on those sites, the area and which placement does not foresee work with the dimensional equipment;

— considerably to protect means of the client at the expense of decrease in labor and technical costs;

— to detain competitive cost of our services in the market.

Drilling of wells on water
Well in sand soil.

Naturally, not all sand soil contains water. Therefore, performing boring works, very printsipno to find a layer of water-bearing sand or a water lens where it is possible to establish the filter later. The lens, the, respectively, bigger volume of water is more feasible it will turn out to extract. For drilling of wells on sand soil sand of huge fractions, including gravel will be quite good. If there is underground a gravel layer, it is possible to be sure absolutely that there is the underground river is whole — after all between stones water proceeds better, than in small sand.

The well on sand will serve how many?

The durability of a well is defined by several factors.

1. Professionalism of the experts performing works. Experience of a brigade allows to find in accuracy capacity аква streams and depth of their zaleganiye.

2. Quality of used materials and technologies: filter, cap, обсыпки etc.

3. Frequency of use of a well. In order that water was applicable, the well needs to use. Such ordinary rule helps to develop service life of a source of water.

Drilling of wells on water
4. Sand in what the filter is established. If the filter is established in small pylevaty sand, service life of a well cannot be more than year or two. But if skilled specialists found a gravel layer, the well, really, will be long. Its service life, under condition of invariable use, will reach 15 years.

The mineral composition of water from a well on sand soil, practically always, does not cause fears and passes all corresponding analyses.

What enters into cost of works?

1. Boring works.

2. Cost of an obsadny pipe of NPVH.

3. Cost of the professional filter.

4. Installation of the filter and obsadny pipe.

5. Creation of the additional natural filter with the help обсыпки granite rubble.

6. Well washing.

7. Water pumping from a source before receiving a transparent condition.

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