Esthetics and cool in the house

The coming nearer summer assumes timely protection of our houses against the excessive sun. And at present the last development in the sphere of sun-protection fabrics — the materials "Screen" and "Soltis" can execute this important function. At all this to be protected with their help it is possible without trivial isolation from the whole world round us, as it happens if to use ordinary dense curtains or an ordinary jalousie.
Application of new materials can be practically everywhere where protection against the sun is required: and in internal designs, as that rolovy curtains or a vertical jalousie, and in external systems — for example, a zateneniye «a winter garden», «рефлексол», etc.
Both types of sun-protection materials consist of polyester and PVC. This structure does fabrics reliable, strong and allows to look after simply in use them. Manufacturing of 1 of materials («Screen») becomes weaving of the fiber glass threads, the second — a method of punching of a cloth («Soltis»). Finally there is a following: the structure of a fabric consisting of very malekhanky setochka, perfectly detains heat and scatters light, to a descent interfering with a review both with internal, and from outer side of a room.
The main consumer characteristics of represented materials the following: at operation air temperature indoors decreases on 3-4 degrees; natural lighting will very much be involved; are not exposed to burning.
The price of a new sun-protection material depends on its density and width of a roll.

Updated: 7 ноября, 2015 — 7:48 дп