Installation — business terrible — 1 part

Installation — business terrible - 1 part
Naturally, installation of the hydromassage equipment it is necessary to entrust specialists, otherwise shortly it is possible to face inevitability of new repair.

Before inviting professionals, it is necessary to be convinced that technical properties at your place correspond to the put requirements. It is a question first of a water pressure in a water supply system and load of the power supply network. If not to find out these questions in advance, means and the efforts spent for purchase and installation, can appear spent for nothing. At a weak pressure the stream simply does not develop suitable capacity, and connection to the power supply network is directly capable to cause interruption in power supply of all entrance. If the second dely manages to be solved from time to time somehow by means of installation of an additional switchboard, the 1st is unsoluble absolutely.

Installation — business terrible - 1 part
Pressure in the pipeline should not surpass 45МПа. Difficulties can seem, if the temperature of hot water is more than 65 °C. It is worth to remember and about installation of the main filters.

If the above-named conditions are observed, it is possible without fears to make purchase and to start installation. Usually, the device establish directly on a floor, having evenly arranged it in the horizontal plane. Hydromassage baths from acryle "are able" is elastic to be deformed both in a framework, and in a bowl. Therefore track, that they not rigidly fastened to elements of furnish or other bathroom equipment. The gleam between the bottom point of a facade of a bath and a floor should be more than 5 mm. In order to avoid useless deformations it is necessary, that the bottom edge of the tile laid out on a wall did not adjoin closely to the bathroom. To avoid it processing by hermetic helps. In cases when the bath takes place in specially made well, the gap between its side and the top plane of a well should be more than 3 mm.

Installation — business terrible - 1 part
Adjustment of gaps and their seal do, having filled a bowl with water on 2/3 volumes. In wells at level of a floor openings for control of density of hydromassage system, the drain device and connections of the by-pass sewerage, also special technical windows for service of the equipment and parts of connection of a bath should be provided.

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