Installation — business terrible — the 2nd part

Installation — business terrible - the 2nd part
If your toilet room has unique design and you have a possibility to locate the device in deepening well below floor level, check, that fitters built in a ladder through passage under a bathroom. If the density of a bowl is broken, water in the sewerage will flow down through it. The diameter of the by-pass pipeline here should be more than 50 mm. For service of a ladder it is necessary to make a technological window.

Elements of management it is necessary to arrange from outer side. It will facilitate access and will cut in the subsequent expenses on service or replacement of details of the equipment. Mixers should be integrated into a board so that in case of need it was possible to avoid bath dismantle.

The bipolar switch or the machine gun absolutely will be suitable for inclusion and bath switching off with suitable loading lines. To have it it is necessary far away from a bath that the person accepting water procedures could not get to it (it it is fraught with defeat by a current). The electric line submitting tension, it is necessary to equip with safety controls both at direct connection, and through a fork and the socket.

No matter what model is supplied with double electric protection — the main chain and isolation of wires, and for connection you need the socket with grounding. But it just in case — the face-to-face panel, also all surfaces to which the body of the person can adjoin, are executed from dielectric materials.

Installation — business terrible - the 2nd part
The question water plum after so pleasant "pearl" bath is solved simply: it goes to the sewer branch located in a floor under a bathroom or in a wall at level of a floor. From time to time for creation of a good drain specialists establish a podium — an eminence for a raising of a bottom of a bath over branch level.

But as a whole not everything is so heavy. Rules of installation which are necessary for knowing to the ordinary buyer, it is possible to reduce to the following:
the bath should be safe for life of the consumer, in other words it is necessary to establish it according to the instruction;
it is necessary to expect protection against leakages and against short circuit;
service and preventive procedures is necessary for carrying out quite often: the bath, the less troubles it is better established does;
installation and connection is better to entrust the specialist to the organizations — to the service centers.
Installation — business terrible - the 2nd part
Concerning installation it is possible to consult with specialists from the authorized service centers serving these devices at us in the Russian Federation. Their phones are, usually, specified in warranty cards. Cost of services in installation of baths under condition of existence of ready engineering systems varies from 2000 to 5000 rub. In some service centers it pays off at the percentage of the price a product (on the average 10 %).

The prices on additional sanitary, electrotechnical and a system of work are determined by their volumes. Exit consultation on installation and carrying out additional works can cost 500–1000 rub.

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