Actually not everything is so terrible, as can seem at the 1st look. According to the federal law «About a subsoil», «owners, owners of sites have the right to create in their borders production of vserasprostranenny suitable minerals and construction of underground constructions for own needs on depth пятm meters, the device and operation of household wells? the wells, not being a water supply source, in an order established by corresponding to executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation».

So if liquid from the first water-bearing horizon suits you — dig on health! But take at first sample and carry it in sanitary-and-epidemiologic service (SES) or any other company having the license for carrying out the analysis. Applicable for drink the water, which transparency on Law
a standard font (the big thickness of a layer allowing reading through it of a so-called font of Snellen) of more than 30 cm, chromaticity — least 30 units means is considered, smack and smells — least 2-3 points from 10 possible. Follows guide attention to the content of nitrates (they should not be more than 10 mg/l) and on existence of bacteria, in particular a digestive stick (it is bad if in liter of their "reviver" theoretically applicable to drink there will be 10 pieces and above). Naturally, for watering and other economic needs of such rigid framework are not present — the verkhovodka, liquid from a ditch, the river or a pond suits.

If nevertheless you threaten on an artesian well with guarantee to have a crystal-clear stream, it is necessary to collect the whole package of documents. First it is necessary to submit the application to Mosvodokanal or other company which is responsible for water resources, being on the district where your country site is located. Law
There you receive specially to you the developed specifications where will be specified also expected depth of a well, and a zaleganiye of a water-bearing layer. Further it is necessary to address in the company engaged in development of projects of wells and having the license for this kind of activity. Having received and having argued in the same office of a water canal, also in Geotrust the papers necessary to you, safely go directly to civil engineering firm and make the estimate of future works.

When шурф it is drilled, do the water analysis which result bring in the final passport of a well.

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