Lets organize the sewerage

In ancient times the invention of the sewerage helped out the earth population from distribution of epidemics connected with insanitary conditions in big cities. At present designers develop new systems of the sewerageLets organize the sewerage
and and sewage treatment which are urged to do life of people even more convenient, more safely, more pleasantly.

Let’s consider some new systems of arrangement of the sewerage in the country houses which have seemed in the market recently.

For though what personal house the problem of cleaning, removal of household and storm waters is very important. At all this for regions with fierce climate it takes on special significance, after all far not any equipment is capable to work smoothly in hard frosts or under the pressure of summer heavy rain. Cope with an objective the innovative station of the deepest water purification "Scarab" which is calculated on work in a temperature mode from +50 ° to — 50°С can. The station has land performance, in other words does not need an underground zaglubleniye. The built-in electroheater with a temperature regulator provides continuous work of station in any weather. The operating mode of "Scarab" is regulated by the machine gun is dependent on volume of arriving sewage. For convenience of installation and use the station of the deepest bio water purification is completed with a steel platform, a short flight of stairs and a protection.

One more option of arrangement of the sewerage in the personal house — new models of septic tanks "Tank". In this case it is mini-septic tanks "MICROBE", "BIOTANK", «the TANK the VERSATILE PERSON».

"Microbe" is useful in malekhanky cottages or on country sites. To use this mini-septic tank it is possible and as system of purification of waste storm waters, and as the sewerage. "Microbe" will ensure functioning of the independent sewerage in the house where one person lives, and guests come only on a two-three of days.

The volatile septic tank "Biotank" is intended for houses of continuous accommodation. The system differs from last analogs in the compact sizes, simplicity of the device and even in the smaller speed of dispersal. Work of a septic tank is provided with the compressor attached to a power supply system.

Series septic tanks «The tank the versatile person» differ from last models simplicity of a design and ability to be arranged under needs of the user. The case of septic tanks can be added with necessary quantity of the sections creating filtering tank of suitable volume, is dependent on number of the people using the independent sewerage.

Updated: 15 февраля, 2016 — 12:23 дп