Warmly with a prefix smart. New thermostats

A series of electroadjusting Merten devices, replenished with new model of the advanced electronic thermostat. With its help it is possible to operate more precisely all system of heating of the house because to create control over temperature and these modes of options at present it is possible via the successful touch screen with LED illumination.

The new electronic thermostat allows to establish personal температурныWarmly with a prefix smart. New thermostats
й the mode for separate rooms but if it is necessary to use the centralized installation of thermostats for all rooms, for this purpose will enough switch the additional switch which is available in a design of the device. In this case the temperature in all rooms will be supported at one level even if to leave the house for some time. Not including if to be necessary, it is possible and to be released absolutely from manual control because the new "clever" thermostat is equipped with the special sensor of presence.

Additional benefit of the new device is ease of installation. All system is established on the galvanized support, armed with the isolated screws and has the improved openings for input of all conductors.

The price of the new electronic thermostat from the Merten series – 6 850 rubles.

Updated: 7 февраля, 2016 — 12:21 пп