Water filters for the house

Water filters for the house
For a start let’s define that represent these wonderful filters (do not confuse them to household filters for purification of drinking water). It the devices detaining harmful foreign matters (grains of sand, fibers of hempen stuffing, a rust particle) and rescuing that your household and to bathroom equipment from raneshny failure.

So, if you eventually decided to establish so necessary adaptation in each house, in a sample you at first do not need to change old pipes new, it is better metalplastic. Changed? Now on new pipes can safely fix the new filter. But remember that any pleasant model is necessary for selecting in severe coordination with a diameter of your pipes. If were mistaken, it doesn’t matter: buy a brass adapter of a suitable diameter. Take an interest at the dealer, whether the filter which has attracted to you is provided with a reducer of the pressure reducing water flow on an entrance in a strut of your apartment. This function will warn an emergency caused Water filters for the house
by breakage of the device at so-called hydroblow – sharp increase of pressure which quite often happens in our water supply systems. Do not forget to ask, the filter test tube is calculated on what pressure – these data should be specified in passport properties of a product. Really the qualitative product is capable to maintain pressure more the 16th bar, at all this working pressure in a water supply system usually does not surpass the 6th bar. Not including that, define, what type of the filter – kartridzhny or washing – to you is best of all for getting.

The Kartridzhny filter represents a folding test tube with the replaceable filtering element which was in it. Test tubes for cold and hot water make of various materials: for the cold – from plexiglas or synthetic materials, for hot – from the reinforced nylon or bronze. Brass test tubes are suitable both for cold, and for hot water. Water filters for the house
Upon purchase of filters do not protect, establish them on pipes both cold, and hot water supply.

Elements subdivide Kartridzhnye on mesh and cotton. A mesh cartridge – the metal cylinder similar to a strainer. Its filtering ability makes from 100 to 20 microns. The number of microns corresponding to the size of a diameter of openings in a grid less, the water purification is better carried out. Mesh cartridges are intended for reusable use. Efforts with them a little: removed, washed out-cleaned, filled – and all. One more conclusive advantage of mesh parts – their universality: they are suitable both for hot, and for cold water. The unique inconvenience – each time to clear a cartridge, you should assort all filter. Accept this shortcoming as a personal case of costs of production.