We choose curtains in a hall

Completion of repair in a hall was marked by the decision on a choice of curtains, as the decorative element, capable to give more comfortable and clean look to a room. But as ideas of a choice of curtains in a family dispersed, it was necessary to resort to the help of the professional designer. The curtains chosen by the specialist very harmoniously were entered in an interior.
Then I aimed to learn, how it is correct to choose curtains further not to resort to another’s help. And, practically speaking, not to spend for it considerable funds.
There are some main issues by which it is necessary to be guided at a choice of curtains. First, it is necessary to consider a room interior, the sizes and placement of windows, ceiling height. It is necessary to give attention to functionality of chosen curtains.
Option of curtains more widespread in our apartments is a very narrow and transparent curtain which closes all window. And heavy portieres from a dense fabric hang on each side.
It is remarkable that fabrics with cross-section strips will be better to look in a narrow room, and with the vertical — absolutely will add a room interior with low ceilings.
It is recommended to choose curtains a little is more light or is more dark, than walls. It becomes for creation of malekhanky contrast in an interior. Be dependent on color of a curtain can warm, cold or neutral colors. Therefore you should be defined, what at you will be a room — warm or cold. Feeling of warmth curtains from dense heavy fabrics also can give.
The fabric choice for curtains also has huge value. If protection of a room against a sunlight is the main objective of curtains, it is better to choose a fabric with special impregnation. This impregnation will allow curtains not so very to burn out.
The best fabric for curtains considered polyester or its mix with cotton. It is dependent on the chosen fabric, restrictions on ways of cleaning of curtains will be imposed. Or it is washing at temperature of 35 degrees (for polyester) or it is dry cleaning (a velvet, flax). Now curtains from silk, viscose are very popular. Viscose is perfectly erased.
The next basic decorative detail of curtains, eaves are. Too practically everything depends on their choice. Correctly chosen eaves can is thin to allocate the general style of the elite of curtains and a room interior as a whole. If heavy curtains, eaves are chosen from plastic here, most likely will not approach. It it will be simple to cave in under their weight. Eaves can be unary, double or threefold. It is dependent on a design of the chosen curtains.
For durability of loops, it is better to choose eaves with hooks and clips which simply slide on them. For example, in a bedroom (unlike a hall) at me curtains hang on huge rings. And very freely slide on eaves.
To classics at all times carried the wood eaves made of a pine, an oak, a nut, a cherry and other breeds of a tree. Such eaves can be chosen without troubles to match furniture or a parquet. It will make an interior more harmonious.
For rooms with modern furniture it is best of all to use strong and strict steel eaves. Here perhaps and all main moments. And in general, trust own taste more. Eventually, it is your room and as you will decorate it, such it and will be.

Updated: 12 января, 2016 — 1:14 дп