Рубрика: Plasticity and Geomechanics

Further reading

I. F. Collins, A note on the interpretation of Coulomb’s analysis of the thrust on a rough retaining wall in terms of the limit theorems of plasticity theory, Geotechnique, 24, 442-447 (1973). A. Drescher and E. Detournay, Limit load in translational failure mechanisms for associative and non-associative materials, Geotechnique, 43, 443-456 (1993). J. Heyman, Coulomb’s […]

Extremum principles

An extremum principle is basically a mathematical concept that relies on some phys­ical law. In mechanics, extremum principles such as the principle of minimum total potential energy and minimum total complementary energy form an important base of knowledge that has provided the means for obtaining approximate solutions to a variety of problems in engineering. This […]

Mohr circles

The graphical construction for the representation of the state of stress at a point within a continuum region is generally attributed to the German engineer Otto Christian Mohr. Although the use of graphical techniques in structural and solid mechanics has been an important area of activity both for engineering calculations and stress analysis, par­ticularly in […]