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To pump out water – it is simple! Automatic pumps

To pump out water – it is simple! Automatic pumps
Reflecting on construction of own house, it is necessary to take care in advance of how you will pump out ground waters from a ditch and to train the base. Naturally, to take out water buckets not option therefore we offer you new models of the drainage pumps TM/TMW/TMR and TS/TSW.

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Alpha pump. Long-awaited updating

Eventually the long-awaited economic model of the circulating pump "Alpha2 new" appeared in the Russian market! What does the producer offer us, what improvements, pluses and possibilities are presented in a novelty?

«Alpha2 new» is developed specially for use in systems of household heating and onAlpha pump. Long-awaited updating
rates of hot water in personal Continue reading

The well – the pump

Though what dwelling of the modern person should be very comfortable for each member of the family. City apartments are provided both an electricity, and gas, and the central water supply. As to country houses, heating and water supply system in them, usually, independent. And it means that in order that in the house always there was a water, Continue reading

The operating pump

Attention, attention! New highly effective circulating pumps already on sale!
The Wilo-Yonos PICO series – devices with the "wet" rotor, intended for The operating pump
installation in central airs, ventilation, heating. Pump over technical waters in temperature from-10 to +95 °C, are connected to a network 1~230 B (50 Hz), a protection class – IPx2.

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