The well – the pump

Though what dwelling of the modern person should be very comfortable for each member of the family. City apartments are provided both an electricity, and gas, and the central water supply. As to country houses, heating and water supply system in them, usually, independent. And it means that in order that in the house always there was a water, it needs to be lifted from a well. Without strong pump station this task, naturally, will be impracticable.

The well - the pump
Very soon in the market there will be the new screw pumps of a 3SP series intended for water supply from wells, tanks, the wells, natural reservoirs. Thanks to their use in though what time of day and night owners of the land lots can create kitchen garden and garden watering, also to provide uninterrupted water supply in all premises of the estate.

What possibilities the 3SP screw pumps possess?

The 3SP 60/1.8 model provides rising of water from depth of 60 m, productivity of the unit equals 1,8M3/hour, power consumption of the motor of 600 W.

3SP 90/1.8 model. Rising of water – 90 m, productivity – 1,8M3/hour, capacity of 1000 W.

3SP 90/2.5 model. Lifting height – 90 m, productivity – 2,5M3/hour, capacity – 1400 W.

Pluses of new models of pumps for independent water supply consist in the following:
– the case and the working end of a shaft is made of stainless steel;
– mechanical consolidation of the unit is executed from double graphite (ceramics-graphite-NBR);
– the one-phase electric motor is equipped with the built-in protection against an overheat and placed in an oil bath for the best cooling and protection against a water pronikaniye.

The main advantage of new pumps of a 3SP series is compactness – the diameter of the pump makes only 3 inches.