To pump out water – it is simple! Automatic pumps

To pump out water – it is simple! Automatic pumps
Reflecting on construction of own house, it is necessary to take care in advance of how you will pump out ground waters from a ditch and to train the base. Naturally, to take out water buckets not option therefore we offer you new models of the drainage pumps TM/TMW/TMR and TS/TSW.

Their main advantage consists in possibility of automatic inclusion. The Poplavkovy switch will react to change of a water level in a ditch or a room (for example, when flooding a cellar of already built house) and will start the pump. After pumping the device will be switched off, therefore it is not necessary to fear that the pump will idle. Next plus of novelties: they can pump out not only pure water, well and a benthonic deposit.

Than these models differ?

Pumps of the TS/TSW series are equipped with the shock-resistant case from a stainless steel, and therefore perfectly are suitable for water pumping with a set of rigid impurity (sand). And here the pump TMR becomes the ideal assistant in this case when it is necessary to pump out constantly a tiny quantity of water – its automatic equipment will react to a water level less than 2 mm.

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