Invisible shower

Many people prefer to see the bathroom of more spacious. As re-planning is quite often impossible, it is necessary to use different shifts, for example, to use certain colors in an interior Invisible shower
or to refuse powerful baths and massive shower cabins in favor of pallets with almost invisible protection.

One of such novelties is a series of shower protections of "LUX Part". Models are executed from transparent glass and deprived of the top and bottom profiles, on it they become almost imperceptible. It is not necessary to fear that such system will appear very fragile. So, loops of a protection are equipped with stoppers which brake shutters at very sharp raspakhivaniye and more than 45 degrees let’s to them open without the aid of others on a corner. Special elevating опускной the mechanism slightly raises glass, let’s scratch it a floor, the pallet or bath walls (in case protections are installed directly on it – is also such враинат).

Models of the LUX Part series can have a different form: square, rectangular, semicircular, also to be made by the individual order. The accessories are made of an alloy of brass, zinc and copper and covered with chrome.

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