The shower cabin – more compact simply does not happen!

Many people refuse baths in favor of shower cabins in big degree because of compactness of the last. On the truth, the small cabin takes even less place indoors, than a powerful bowl of a bath. Agree, in our realities it more than actually. But designers do not stop on reached and aspire to make shower cabins even more compact, in any case, almost imperceptible!

The shower cabin – more compact simply does not happen!
As quite good illustration to the aforesaid the angular shower cabin of "Time" can serve. Its lateral walls can be developed to a wall, and therefore a cabin at all загромождает a bathroom place. When it is not used, the corner seems free. Well and the cabin in assembled form does not look a monumental design – because of transparency of walls. However, if you wish to use such model, you should be released from the pallet and to arrange having merged directly in a floor.

There is also one more model of a cabin of "Time" – with the shutters consisting of 2 half. Such decision is urged to make shower acceptance by more comfortable for people with limited possibilities.

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