Drains, system of pipes and small stones — 1 part

Drains, system of pipes and small stones - 1 part
Construction of your new house comes to an end? Or you decided to finish giving to reason? The base, walls, a roof are ready. At present it is necessary to secure them against a congestion of water, course and destruction. Well and rain water chaotically dripping or flowing from a roof does not add pleasure to you and beauty to a path along the house. Drains — systems of pipes, trenches and the funnels, collecting liquid from a roof and accurately merging it there, where will promote you with comfort.

«Water the stone sharpens the phrase» it is necessary to consider actually. the 1st that you will notice — the spoiled path along the house. Unscrupulously, concrete it, asphalt or some other material. After any rain, upon termination of every winter from a roof streams and droplets will chaotically run, and in only a few years though what covering will appear in holes and выщербинах.

Drains, system of pipes and small stones - 1 part
More the deepest, but on the first step, maybe, less remarkable destructions threaten the house. The facades brick, plastered or trimmed with a decorative tile always have cracks and seams. The water which is flowing down on walls, collects in them and moderately destroys. In particular the periods when moisture in cracks freezes are dangerous and are formed кристаллики ice. A base and wall joint — too a zone of the overestimated risk.

Thus, in a limiting case we receive the additional factor promoting partial destruction of a facade and loss of decorative parts, to decrease in durability of the base, probability of a pronikaniye of water in a cellar and to emergence of sick local climate indoors.

Taking in attention everything listed above though what country inhabitant respecting will get to own house water waste system. At all seeming simplicity of acquaintances from youth of the zinced pipes on corners of houses to calculate, choose and mount its elements not so simply. As the range presented in the market impresses. How many and what directly parts it is required, depends Drains, system of pipes and small stones - 1 part
on the area and a type of a roof. Drains happen plastic and steel, and on section — round, square, a difficult form.


First we will understand, of what the water waste system consists. To a meeting we will notice that it is a question of houses with a cattle roof — where roofs flat, water is taken away by means of the storm sewerage.

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