Water purification in a lavatory

Water purification in a lavatory
Options of their cleaning differ from conventional (though in principle the latrine can be connected to the same septic tank or an aerotenok) a little.

"Starling houses" at dachas and in country houses share Nekanalizovannye on three types: powders rest rooms, a lavatory with vygreby, a lyuft-rest room. the 1st — the unique version which is officially authorized for building on a garden site — is equipped with a steel box or a bucket. A waste of activity powders with peat or ashes, and in process of filling of capacity shakes out in a kompostny heap where they will safely be transformed to fertilizer not without a role of the same bioorganisms. Suits placement in though what part of a yard.

Domestic toilet with the vygreby — quite insanitary option. It simply a hole depth about a meter over which the panel board lodge is set up. Suits only if instead of such design to use a settler connected to system of an underground irrigation. This construction cannot be put closer, than in 25 m from a well and in 15 m from the house. And at high level of ground waters (3–3,5 m from an earth surface) it is impossible to do in general.

Lyuft-klozet — the same removed, but improved and established directly in the house. Its walls and a floor do of ordinary concrete, and overlapping — from reinforced, internal surfaces plaster. Printsipnoye the condition — here is necessary to expect ventilation let’s to smells get into housing.

Dry closets are at present perfectly familiar to all. Booths or toilet seats are equipped with the capacities filled with special liquid or substance, containing biologically active substance. It oxidizes organic chemistry, splits it, and at the same time eliminates unpleasant smells. The result of such activity is, however, low — drains after use need tertiary treatment by a septic tank. But as a whole it is a question of absolutely comfortable candidate выгребам. The adaptation costs from 2 thousand roubles.

The sewerage on separately taken site.

Water purification in a lavatory
So, we already know something about treatment facilities. But drains, most likely, samoteky there hardly will begin to flow. It is necessary guide, in other words to make them on a site sewer system. It shares on internal, carried out indoors, and external, located on the street near the house. The pipes conducting to a complex of cleaning, it is correct to arrange under an inclination which corner should be not less than 3 °. If the house is just erected, it is better обмыслить all in advance and to turn on the sewerage in the plan. It is more difficult to equip already ready construction. But at any deal of work it is better to entrust specialists. They обмыслят more ergonomic system, will pick up communications of the suitable sizes and from the correct materials, will count places of connections, through each 15 m and in places of excesses wells for pro-cleaning on a zasor case also will arrange.

The equipment of basement floors (small pools and saunas there like to have) — in general a problem of the overestimated difficulty. The matter is that to persuade water to rise on pipes, most likely, it will not turn out, and to have the cleaning block below level of a cellar inconveniently (it will hard serve). Therefore do separate system of the sewerage, to be exact, two — external and internal. The last answers directly for service of similar rooms and is armed помпами (though it still serves as times for heating of a floor and walls). Naruzhny, also with pumps, consists of the drainage pipes which are simply suitable if the site crude or is in the lowland. How still to collect and dewater from the base of construction and the most ground floors? They meet at a settler — own sort "gate" of installation for cleaning of a liquid waste.

Naturally, aerotenka, septic tanks and others do not decorate the district, therefore them have in a ditch on 0,5 m below the general level of a site in stamped sand засыпке. The only thing that towers — is a cover of the distributive well equipped with a regulator of water flow and the locking device (shiber). Under system fill a filter-bed from rubble in width of 0,5 m, and in it — the raspylitelny pipes which are taking away cleared water. They are ventilated by means of a branch pipe deduced on a surface of the earth on which end there is a cap. Permissions on installation of similar devices it is not required.

Finally above-mentioned shifts your possession become the equipped reliable and comfortable installation, allowing to keep the surrounding nature in protogenic purity.

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