Elliptically Polarized Light

Light is elliptically polarized with the ellipse diameters along x and y axes, when Ax = Ay and A is equal to ±n/2.

The electric field vector can be expressed as:

Elliptically Polarized Light(3.11)

and along x and y:

Подпись: (3.12)ax = |Ax| cos [2П(г — ct) + фх]

Подпись: Squaring and summing: Elliptically Polarized Light Подпись: (3.13)

ay =T| Ay | sin A(r — ct) + фx

If | Ax | = | Ay | and фу — фx = n/2 light is still elliptically polarized even if with axes not coinciding with the coordinate axes. See a summary of all these cases in Fig.3.4.

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