Steel Structures in Industry

7.1 Introduction

Steel structures are the most common in industrial projects because the characteristics of steel work well for industrial purposes. The following is a sample of steel’s advantages to industry:

• Its high strength in tension and compression allows for a small cross section and is, therefore, better for use in long spans.

• Its elasticity makes steel a very good example of a material that com­plies with Hook’s law.

• Its ductility allows a large degree of elongation before breaking, so it can withstand overload without sudden failure.

• Advanced technology is not required to strengthen it.

• Quality controls for steel are usually good because the rolled cross sections are delivered from factories under quality control systems.

• Its properties allow easier and faster erections.

• It is recoverable from scrap.

• It retains value after demolition.

Steel’s main disadvantage is that it needs periodic maintenance. It is there­fore important that the required maintenance be included in the operating budget.

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