Bearing On Concrete

The effective bearing area for a structural member may be determined, based on the weaker of the { bearing surfaces and using the ultimate concrete bearing stress as follows (reference 1):


direct bearing without bedding or bearing pads

= 0.4 fc„


with intermediate bedding

= 0.6 fcu


with cast-in steel bearing plates

= 0.8 fcll

Bearing using flexible padding may be designed using stresses intermediate between (1) and (2). When the bearing stresses exceed the above limits, reinforcement is to be provided in the bearing area. Reinforcement may be determined using the shear friction design method.


:: jure 3.6 shows a bearing area where reinforcement is provided across the potential vertical and Horizontal cracks induced by vertical load V and horizontal load N.

Figure 3.6 Shear Friction Reinforcement At Potential Cracks At Bearing Area