Floor diaphragm action and structural integrity

All precast components are bound by a 65 mm thick concrete topping which is reinforced with a layer of steel fabric. The steel fabric serves as structural floor ties in order to satisfy the integrity ties requirement under the building robustness design considerations.

The final floor structure will behave as a rigid diaphragm which transmits horizontal loadsto the stabilising cores at each end of the floor.

Design Of Precast Components Design of hollow core slabs

Net length of hollow core slab = 8000 — 500 -100 = 7400mm

Loading : DL = Topping (65 mm thick) =0.065×24

= 1.56 kN/m2 Imposed = 1.75 kN/m2 LL = 3.00 kN/m2

From Figure 2.9 of Chapter 2,215 mm thick hollow core slab is adequate. Actual design of prestressing reinforcement will be furnished by the producer of the slabs.

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