Load path description

A building constructed from precast components becomes a so-called “house of cards”. It requires rather simple structural calculations as most of the load-bearing structural members are considered amply supported.

Using precast floor slabs, walls, beams and columns, it is seldom possible to achieve restraint in the joints, mainly due to small dimensions of the components. This calls for special attention when evaluating the stability of the entire structure.

After having made the load assessment and the choice of calculation model, the next and very Important step is the load path description. It should explain in detail a possible load path for a specific load from the point of application to where the load is transmitted to the foundation and the


By using a detailed load path description for vertical as well as horizontal loads, the designer is able to calculate all internal forces acting on components and joints necessary for a proper design.

The description could also act very conveniently as a guide for the accumulation of loads and as a list of contents for the structural calculations.