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Jalousie = light of

Jalousie = light of
Reflecting on repair of a balcony or a loggia which leave on sunny side, take an interest in shops – whether there was even on sale new jalousie "Blight" which have been thought up by the technical designer from Belgium.
And unusual in a new jalousie that in the afternoon they collect a sunlight, acting as solar batteries, and with darkness Continue reading

Again windows…

All of us hang up on windows of a curtain and a jalousie, here about them at present and we will have a talk. When the person does repair, it often has a desire to change registration of windows, to establish new eaves, to get other curtains. But here everything is not so simple. In – 1-x before taking eaves, it is necessary to weigh curtains. After Continue reading

To make comfort and not bad mood of

For unusual division of a room, registration of a doorway, a window or simply for room scenery specialists of the leading Chinese company offer decorative curtains. These noteworthy products from plastic and acrylic ornaments are executed, have various color colors and forms.

Any special leaving of a curtain do not demand, and at the same Continue reading

There can be …

It would be desirable unusual in a decor of windows? Look narrowly at the curtains which have been thought up by the Dutch designer.

Their highlight that actually in any place the cloth one movement of a hand can be fixed by means of vshity there magnets.

There can be …
Only present that each time at desire it is possible to give a certain form to curtains, Continue reading

How to hang up curtains of

At present on sale very wide choice of various curtains for curtains. It both plastic laths, and wood and iron pipes, and stretching a scaffold. For me it was heavy to make the choice and to decide on how them to fix. Therefore I want to impart experience.

In our case it was necessary to attach one tulle, two curtains and the strip of the lambrequins Continue reading

Unique curtain the hands of

After repair it would be desirable to update a decor of a room and if suddenly did not remain on it means, dely to a configuration of appearance of a room means of creation of the interesting composition replacing curtains, the American designers offer. In their opinion, similar "curtains" suit in a nursery, in a black bedroom, in a room Continue reading