Air shtorka for work (if the administration against curtains!)

My table on work costs directly at a window! It would seem is simply remarkable! Light sea, positive emotions! As though not so. The matter is that I sit a back to a window. And when the midday sun looks in windows — in — 1-x — to me becomes very much hot. In — 2-x — from such visible lighting eyes simply start to hurt! And in — 3-x — I see nothing on the monitor!

Communication with the administration in attempts to hang up a jalousie or curtains — gave nothing. Promised to hang up — but after all while this promise will execute … By the way — did not execute still …

Generally, I decided to end this disgrace without the aid of others and to make to myself шторку / a screen!

Office at us simply big, we sit — everyone in the cell. I.e. — from the 3rd parties there are walls in height in 1,5 m, and from the fourth party — an entrance. My entrance from me on the right, and a window — behind the back. The benefit — the entrance wide — also did not prevent that I made.

So — on the left wall of a cell, on its top the scaffold is fixed. It is elementary to make — to take office button with a long edge, to fix on it a scaffold, and the button to thrust in a partition. Usually partitions become from gypsum cardboard — troubles do not arise. Length of a scaffold slightly more than a length шторки / screens. the 2nd end of a scaffold becomes attached — will not believe! — to a top of 2 knees of an old bamboo fishing tackle connected together! Beautiful after all a thing — a reed! In order that our bamboo stick did not fall — raskreplyay its bottom a small tripod. What use for small fir-trees absolutely approach. Or it is possible to make most.

Further — the most difficult! In shop I chose very beautiful (well — it is pleasant to me) a cut of natural silk. An easy, translucent, air material which I attached to a scaffold.

Finally — I received simply magic shtorka which entertains a look, partially, but not completely closes to me the sun. And the most important — it can be cleaned in though what moment! Our administration still does not understand, why I in a corner have a fishing tackle and why I even do not take away in the winter home the shawl! And employees — know, but are silent. Because, as I know — already in 2 adjoining cells too there were such shtorka!

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 1:47 пп