How to hang up curtains of

At present on sale very wide choice of various curtains for curtains. It both plastic laths, and wood and iron pipes, and stretching a scaffold. For me it was heavy to make the choice and to decide on how them to fix. Therefore I want to impart experience.

In our case it was necessary to attach one tulle, two curtains and the strip of the lambrequins which has been already sewed, over all curtains from above. It would be desirable that it was not visible fastenings and the window seemed more widely.

Plastic curtains in the form of white реечек with 2 fillets appeared the successful decision. They are on sale in different metric area therefore it is possible to pick up for itself suitable option. To them also is on sale various accessories of white color: limiters on regions, hooks for which cling curtains.

We attached plastic laths by means of an electrodrill and шуруповерта to a ceiling in 10 centimeters from a window. Better them to fix through everyone 0,5метра, for durability. The place where to fix is defined is dependent on length of a window sill, after all printsipno that the window sill did not act through curtains and did not spoil a look. Better to fix to two people not to set a curtain. At first it is better to mark with a place pencil on a ceiling where the curtain will fasten. To make a drill in the marked places of an opening for screws. Later to put a curtain on a floor and to drill in it openings. Further to put a curtain to a ceiling and shurupoverty to twirl a curtain to a ceiling. The width of a curtain can be taken on width of a room, then visually the window in a room will seem more.

As to the hooks, in other words two options: 1) it is possible to throw them attached on a curtain and to sew on eyelet curtains; 2) it is possible to sew hooks to curtains. In our case, we decided to sew hooks to curtains. Thus curtains are erased together with the sewn hooks. Also we arrived and with тюлью.

The flypaper for a forward number of lambrequins of curtains appeared a find for us. One party of a flypaper is pasted to a lateral part of a curtain, and the 2nd part is sewn to a curtain. Thus the strip of lambrequins fastens over everything and is a remarkable ornament. It is possible to erase it also as well as curtains together with a flypaper.

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