Jalousie = light of

Jalousie = light of
Reflecting on repair of a balcony or a loggia which leave on sunny side, take an interest in shops — whether there was even on sale new jalousie "Blight" which have been thought up by the technical designer from Belgium.
And unusual in a new jalousie that in the afternoon they collect a sunlight, acting as solar batteries, and with darkness approach collected energy moves on a special foil, than can provide the most real lighting indoors.
The system of a new jalousie is developed so that all this design can turn after sun movement. Thus efficiency of return of all design for the intended purpose considerably increases. Jalousie = light of

The founder argues that the novelty developed by it is simple in use, is reliable, durable and that the most printsipny, is profitable.

Updated: 30 марта, 2016 — 5:57 пп