Unique curtain the hands of

After repair it would be desirable to update a decor of a room and if suddenly did not remain on it means, dely to a configuration of appearance of a room means of creation of the interesting composition replacing curtains, the American designers offer. In their opinion, similar "curtains" suit in a nursery, in a black bedroom, in a room of a hostel and in general, in though what room on ordinary to the reason: it is original, excellent, elegant and it is very much simple.

Everything that is necessary for such curtain are steel rings with clips, a crossbeam over a window, some meters of the satin ribbons which have been picked up for color of an interior of a room and a thread and a needle. Naturally, it is possible to order such and in studio. But even quicker to make these curtains. Try!

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 1:47 пп