Final fees

Depending upon the original terms of appointment for consultants you may have received interim copies of statements for fees from the quantity surveyor and con­sultants as forwarded to the client. You may have verified these as being in accord­ance with the original agreed terms and confirmed to your client for payment direct. Ensure now that all consultants have submitted their final fees and that these have all been settled before submitting your own final account for fees to the client. Your own final account should describe the stages through which the contract has passed since submitting your interim accounts and should include all outstanding expenses. It should be noted as the ‘final statement of account’ for fees.

Forward the original contract documents to your client for his records together with a set of drawings of the building brought up to date ‘as-built’, the maintenance information and associated photographs and inform him that you intend to keep all other documents relevant to the contract for six years from the date of practical completion where a contract is signed, and twelve years where executed under seal. After this they will be destroyed. Tell the contractor of these arrangements. You may find the client has become so used to telephoning you about sundry items since moving into the building that it is necessary to write diplomatically but firmly informing him that this represents the termination of your present services to the contract.

Request permission to use photographs or drawings of the work if required for publication, exhibition, or when asked by new clients for illustrations of previous work.

If your client asks, it is as well to know that you hold automatic copyright to the building’s ‘artistic merit’ and any drawings etc., prepared in developing the scheme, until seventy years after your death. The client, in purchasing the service, has a right to use the drawings, which have been prepared to convey information on its con­struction, for that purpose.


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