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The warm house – hot water 3

Came to pass time to certain decisions. We will begin with ordinary, with the isolated systems of heating which are not connected with heating. Seemingly ordinary business, in principle everyone can test usual option. For this purpose it is enough to put a water bucket on a plate and when it will heat up, to use it for certain needs. Even equipment Continue reading

The warm house – hot water 7

As we will see further, the boiler is the necessary device. Bolshushchim advantage is its universality. Really, we can use it in the most different technological decisions. For the most different sources of heat. And if the main source of heat at you works at gas, existence in a boiler of an additional electric heater, will be only plus. On the last Continue reading

Leakages will not be!

Leakages will not be!
The Russian companies, specializing development and equipment creation for systems of household water supply, do not lag behind own zabugorny competitors. So, at all so long since in the market there was a new version of system of protection against leakages of "Akvastorozh Ekspert".

The set consists of 2 locking devices intended Continue reading

The sensitive counter for water

The personal counter for hot and cold water at present should be in each apartment. It dokhodno and with comfort both for owners of housing, and for representatives of utility services. The another matter, what model of the water counter it will be established in your apartment. If you use the offer to establish the new ultrasonic Multical 21 Continue reading

Advantage of plastic drains

When business reaches a mastiff of a choice of drains for the water, everyone asks itself(himself) a question, it is best of all to make a drain of what material. Almost always people choose plastic drains as they, as well as other materials have the positive and negative characteristics.

Plastic water waste systems will be perfectly combined Continue reading

New cranes: lets tell to leakages no!

Production of the goods of the Akvastorozh manufacturing company is familiar for a long time to Russian consumers. These are special systems of protection against leakages and the floods, developed as for installation in standard city apartments, and for use in country houses. Without considering release of new models of protection devices the Continue reading

The warm house – hot water 2

In apartment houses hot water supply is almost always connected with the accepted system of heating. Though it and is not obligatory. Since the Russian times even we in the Urals near to me had the whole small town where hot water supply was independent. Most likely, an available boiler room sufficed only on the heating purpose, and in apartments Continue reading

The sewerage and water supply Organization in a personal household ruled the water supply and sewerage organizations in the personal house

will be organized in 2 ways. External water supply assumes laying of pipes under an earth surface, internal water supply assumes a pipeline upclassing in the specialized rooms located below level of the house, for example, a cellar. The pipes used at arrangement of water system by the Main operation pipeline installation is, in this case it is possible Continue reading

We dig holes on a country site

We dig holes on a country site
At first it is necessary to find out, on what depth the underground vein passing under your site is hidden. For this purpose use not only a various magnetic framework and other adaptations which have been widely advertized by "folk healers", well and ordinary poll of neighbors. Having decided on scale of works, you will understand that Continue reading