Leakages will not be!

Leakages will not be!
The Russian companies, specializing development and equipment creation for systems of household water supply, do not lag behind own zabugorny competitors. So, at all so long since in the market there was a new version of system of protection against leakages of "Akvastorozh Ekspert".

The set consists of 2 locking devices intended for cold and hot water respectively, sensors of leakages (in number of 2-5 units), the 1st power unit, the controler and the charging battery.

The unique device by means of the controler looks after a continuity of work of an electric chain, also supervises the provision of a spherical zaslonka. In case of Leakages will not be!
breakage or other emergency situation water supply in system immediately stops. At all this all this occurs in an independent mode, without any intervention of the person.

To trace an operating mode of «Clever cranes» it is possible via light and sound indicators on the controler. At all this sensors of a leakage allow a descent to connect to protective system "Akvastorozh Ekspert" to 5 cranes.

A food of the controler is provided by the built-in battery which tension makes 5 Volts. If necessary the additional power supply can be connected to system.

Updated: 12 января, 2016 — 3:37 дп