New cranes: lets tell to leakages no!

Production of the goods of the Akvastorozh manufacturing company is familiar for a long time to Russian consumers. These are special systems of protection against leakages and the floods, developed as for installation in standard city apartments, and for use in country houses. Without considering release of new models of protection devices the company is engaged in improvement of the designs which are already available on sale. So, not so long since in the market there was a refreshed model of the spherical Teflosil crane used in systems of protection against a leakage of water pipes. Novelty dokhodno New cranes: lets tell to leakages no!
differs from a previous sample pleasant design and hurt a reliable design.

Pluses of the refreshed model of the Teflosil crane are obvious. In — 1-x, its reducer is equipped with power gear wheels from metal. In — 2-x, in the locking mechanism the elastic laying providing designs small wear at a friction and reliable protection against oxidation of details is established. In — 3-x, Teflosil cranes possess threefold margin of safety – the novelty maintains pressure upon an opressovka to 40 atmospheres and working pressure to 16 atmospheres.

Not including it in a design of "Teflosil" the hi-tech electric drive which reliably blocks water at all aspects of operation is provided. At all this the electric drive in the crane has the compact sizes and to hide it it is possible even in very small space.

The producer gives a guarantee on the refreshed model of the spherical Teflosil crane of 4 years. The product price – from 2790 to 3590 rubles

Updated: 18 сентября, 2015 — 1:24 дп