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The warm house – hot water 5

In the previous article we discussed flowing water heaters. Their conclusive plus consists that as turned on such device so to a meeting and received hot water as water heats up directly ahead of giving. But this plus generates also two terrible minuses. These minuses are connected between themselves. Really, to create more hot water, it is necessary Continue reading

The warm house – hot water 4

Water heaters as we already noted, it is possible to divide by the form used for heating of water of a power resource. But such division correlates and with type. So leaves that the greatest number of models of flowing water heaters offered at present in the market are electric. Most likely, it is connected with ease of leading of communications Continue reading

The warm house – hot water

At present we begin the newest series of articles. Let’s lay down that such subject will be interesting to our readers. The truth to heating or heating a subject has only the indirect relation. Naturally, times heating and hot water supply go, it is possible to tell, side by side. No, there are situations when hot water supply is completely independent Continue reading

The warm house – hot water 6

The attentive reader for certain directed attention to that fact that the accumulative water heater very much reminds other device which it is accepted to call a boiler. Actually, between such devices there are basic distinctions. Naturally, it is possible to find such devices which can be used both as a boiler, and as an accumulative heater. We Continue reading

The warm house – hot water 1

That hot water that cold, it comes to the same mixers and cranes therefore, not enough who reflects that water supply systems seriously differ. Or should differ. All the matter is that at cold water supply at us everything is simple. We can use and the deadlock scheme of distributing. It is natural, if we will solve a problem of air jams. But the Continue reading