Secure the water supply system against leakages

Secure the water supply system against leakages
Wish to improve system of drinking water supply in the apartment? To reduce number of connections of pipes in what leakages are possible? Completely to clean sites of stagnation of water? To reduce quantity of connecting details and a fitting? With it you will be helped by new system of connection of devices of drinking water supply in what unique development of ring distributing of plastic pipes is used!

Cardinal difference of a novelty – ring connection of all parts of water consumption. The scheme is simple, but thanks to such distributing water arrives in system not with one, and from 2 parties that completely excludes pressure jumps.

Vpribavok the system is armed with the additional device providing uniform distribution of pressure upon all open devices of water supply. In other words, liquid in "ring" pipes circulates constantly, and it means that on one site of system of stagnation of water does not arise even in this case if the water consumption is minimum.

To execute ring distributing it is possible by means of all types of plastic pipes a diameter of 16 and 20 mm. To add ring system it is possible special water sockets through passage and assembly levels for their fastening.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 1:47 пп