The sensitive counter for water

The personal counter for hot and cold water at present should be in each apartment. It dokhodno and with comfort both for owners of housing, and for representatives of utility services. The another matter, what model of the water counter it will be established in your apartment. If you use the offer to establish the new ultrasonic Multical 21 water counter, differing a low threshold of sensitivity, expenses on payment of water can be reduced even more.

The principle of operation of the device is based on transit and time measurement. In other words, in it is mute calculation of distinction of speed of a stream of a sound signal for a course of water flow and against it is used. Such innovative method allows to register these water consumptions at its most insignificant expense – from 2 l/h. Unlike older Multical 21 models has no moving parts therefore does not wear out in an extent of all warranty period of service – 16 years.

The sensitive counter for water
Not including that, the module enters into a set of delivery of the counter for wireless data read-out of Wireless M-Bus. It means that need for a certain contact to the device for fixation of the current indications disappears. Each 16 minutes the device sends fresh data on the special accepting device as which USB Meter Reader can act, for example. To arrange the receiver it is possible in comfortable for you a place, in radius of several meters from the ultrasonic counter of water.

The novelty is armed with function of daily and monthly archives where data on a water consumption in 460 days and 3 years respectively are stored. Not including it information on 50 sudden events is stored in Multical 21 archive, for example about such, as repair of a water supply system or attempt of opening of the case of the counter of water.

And the most comfortable, in our opinion, function – if within days the device does not register a zero consumption of water at least in 60 minutes, the signal about it is right there sent on an intake in a look инфокода about possible leakage of water.

The price of the supersensitive water counter – 10 000 rubles.

Updated: 7 декабря, 2015 — 8:22 дп