The sewerage and water supply Organization in a personal household ruled the water supply and sewerage organizations in the personal house

will be organized in 2 ways. External water supply assumes laying of pipes under an earth surface, internal water supply assumes a pipeline upclassing in the specialized rooms located below level of the house, for example, a cellar. The pipes used at arrangement of water system by the Main operation pipeline installation is, in this case it is possible to give preference to copper, iron and plastic pipes. The quite good decision is introduction of plastic pipes because they are allocated with insignificant weight and malekhanky labor costs in process by laying. If laying of the heating pipeline is provided, use pipes with an aluminum layer or from fiber glass. Metalplastic pipes with an aluminum layer, happen sutural and seamless, in a case to a heating water supply system, it is necessary to give preference to the seamless products completed by tsangovy and a press by a fitting. In sewer pipelines the polymeric pipes which are allocating with rigid and thick structure, providing ability to resist to serious loadings and giving opportunity to do laying on big depths are used. Conditions of the organization of a water supply system Water supply and the sewerage in the personal house are equipped proceeding from external accompanying aspect. If in a household there are no centralized communications, procedure of arrangement assumes preliminary preparation of a place for septic tank and well placement. Also to be necessary the pump station which choice is carried out proceeding from depth of a well. If the mirror of water is on depth more than eight meters, it is possible to give preference to a submersible pump, at smaller depths the superficial pump station will approach. The pump station runs into the central water supply system means of a rupture of a stream that looks, how installation of an accumulative tank in volume of 200-2000 l. It is better to use a plastic accumulative tank which is equipped with unions and perfectly confronts to impact of corrosion, also it is allocated with insignificant weight. Filtration system Surely it is necessary to expect function of a filtration of the water, carried out by means of different filters of the rough and very narrow cleaning, allowing to prevent hit of mechanical impurity. It can be magnetic converters, the obezzhelezivayushchy filters which are also softening water. It is necessary to expect filtrational system of the return осмоса, providing receiving drinking water.

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