The warm house — hot water 2

In apartment houses hot water supply is almost always connected with the accepted system of heating. Though it and is not obligatory. Since the Russian times even we in the Urals near to me had the whole small town where hot water supply was independent. Most likely, an available boiler room sufficed only on the heating purpose, and in apartments there were geysers which provided with hot water. In the southern areas such way was more quick norm. There heating if worked, only a few months in a year. And hot water is necessary every day.

The warm house - hot water 2

Fig. 1. Heatpoint in an apartment house.

If the hot heat supply is based on the general system of heating, we and cannot especially choose. We should be arranged under available properties. In case of the personal house, our possibilities are even wider.
Let’s begin with that in apartment houses high-temperature systems of heating are almost always used. Therefore, we should prepare hot water separately, making a start from lines of heating system. Heat-carrier temperature in such heating system of 60-80 degrees. Hot water of such temperature is not necessary to us. Moreover, such water temperature is not allowed also by sanitary standards. Still printsipno that the temperature of the heat-carrier can change from temperature of external air. And the temperature of hot water is better for supporting a constant. Therefore, we all the same should build system of preparation of hot water. It can be heat exchange systems, and can be and systems of a podmeshivaniye of cold water to the heat-carrier.

The warm house - hot water 2

Fig. 2. Heatpoint in the personal house.

In an apartment house we even a way of preparation of hot water often cannot. But, in the personal house everything depends on us. So, we can choose low-temperature system of heating. It gains popularity more. Also it is connected not so much with hot water, how many with systems of heat-insulated floors. There the heat-carrier temperature too is required at level of 45 degrees. The contribution is brought also by thermal pumps, usually area of their quite good work makes 40-50 degrees.
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