The warm house — hot water 3

Came to pass time to certain decisions. We will begin with ordinary, with the isolated systems of heating which are not connected with heating. Seemingly ordinary business, in principle everyone can test usual option. For this purpose it is enough to put a water bucket on a plate and when it will heat up, to use it for certain needs. Even equipment any in addition it is not necessary to take us, we use what is already established. And even in that case, we see that such systems can differ between themselves. I do not speak about the size of a bucket, even furnaces can use various fuel.

Fig. 1. A water heater on rigid fuel.

Here, we also noted the 1st difference of independent water heaters. For heating of water it can be used different types of fuel. At present electric and gas water heaters are almost always used. Everything depends on desire of owners and, naturally, from possibilities. If natural gas is not brought to the house, hardly it is necessary to do it only because of hot water. But even in such situation it is possible to use the gas equipment. Also ballonny gas absolutely will approach. At present it is possible to meet still water heaters on rigid fuel. Once they were very popular. Naturally, it will be already modern compact and high-efficiency devices.
The 2nd difference already has technological character. Really, water can be heated up differently. It is possible to warm up some certain volume of water, and later such water to use. And it is possible to accumulate, submit nothing on the device cold water, and on an exit to receive hot, already ready to use. We will laboriously consider these two approaches in the next articles.

The warm house - hot water 3

Fig. 2. Gas water heater.

Often at a choice of a certain technology there is a question, and what development is better? Actually, the most excellent development what allows to solve a problem facing you, and already accompanying properties all another which can help to specify a choice. Cost, for example, or a place which will be necessary for equipment placement.
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