The warm house — hot water 7

As we will see further, the boiler is the necessary device. Bolshushchim advantage is its universality. Really, we can use it in the most different technological decisions. For the most different sources of heat. And if the main source of heat at you works at gas, existence in a boiler of an additional electric heater, will be only plus. On the last measure, it will increase reliability. The tragedy on the gas pipeline, then include a boiler heater. Let in it you should reduce volume of the prepared hot water, after all, you will have it.

The warm house - hot water 7

Fig. 1. Boiler inclusion in heating system.

If the system of preparation of hot water is combined with heating system, almost always use double-circuit coppers., It seems, everything is correct, heating will work in the mode, and preparation of hot water in the. However, in modern aspects it not always with comfort. Really, now without considering the main system of water heating often such suitable system, as a heat-insulated floor is used. And here discrepancy can seem. High-temperature systems of water heating, it when temperature of the heat-carrier of 60-80 degrees are almost always used. But the temperature of the heat-carrier of 45 degrees better is suitable for a heat-insulated floor. Here also it is useful the 2nd contour. No, there are also other ways of division of systems, after all, it is most it will be simple also cheap.
There is nothing difficult in the organization of preparation of hot water and at an one-planimetric gas copper. And for this purpose we use already perfectly a boiler familiar to us. On fig. 2 the inclusion scheme is provided in system of heating of a boiler for preparation of hot water.

The warm house - hot water 7

Fig. 2. The scheme of inclusion of a boiler in heating system.

Perfectly, when the gas copper modern, in other words is available regulation possibility capacity, so and a consumption of gas. During the winter period when heating works, the copper will work for the overestimated capacity, and in the summer we need to provide only hot water supply. But the boiler will help out and when at a copper of such expanded adjustment is not present. At full capacity we will heat up all water in a boiler in a couple of hours, and the rest of the time a copper will not work, suitable water temperature will be supported by a boiler.
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