We dig holes on a country site

We dig holes on a country site
At first it is necessary to find out, on what depth the underground vein passing under your site is hidden. For this purpose use not only a various magnetic framework and other adaptations which have been widely advertized by "folk healers", well and ordinary poll of neighbors. Having decided on scale of works, you will understand that directly it is necessary to dig. If the source is close (at most in 10 meters), usually, are limited to an ordinary well. More terrible depth forces to speak about need of a well.


We dig holes on a country site
Well — a tribute to old times and national traditions. If the well allows to extract water only by means of the electric power, owners of wells simply manage and without it — at desire it is possible to drag buckets.

Perhaps, one of few minuses of a well way consists in impossibility completely to protect a studenets from hit of dirty water. Whatever modern were these designs, they assume only two ways of protection: full density of mine of da the small river pebble which has been laid out on a bottom as the natural filter. Well affairs of the master also advise not to forget and about the so-called clay lock which represents a funnel or bosom sealant between a wall of an elevated part of a well and soil. It is necessary in order that rain and not essentially what water from a surface (a so-called verkhovodka) did not get inside. Such lock knead from water and fat crushed clay or heavy loam to We dig holes on a country site
a condition of dense sour cream. Later the received mix pour out in outlined round a bosom so that outside from all directions a felling the otmostka with a small bias for providing a drain was formed. So the ready well costs as though on a hillock. And already on surfaces in order to avoid washing out of soil recommend to lay not thick layer of the turf.

But all these ways of sealing and protection at all panacea. So, if nearby from a site there are the extensive fields fertilized by chemicals, or your neighbors not for a long time thinking built on a site where ground waters pass in couple of meters from a surface, the conveniences based on a principle of a cesspool, wells are better be not to digging. Liquid in them will not be neither tasty, nor nezapyatanny, especially useful.

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