Corridor girder

(Engowo no keta)

This is a more complex joint than the previous hip corner joints. The structure is composed of two log girders, joined in a Tee-shape and of a log girder nose. The girder nose (В 1) gives the assembly a balanced look. The shorter girder (B-2) seems to form a single continuous member with the girder nose. To accentuate this effect the nose (B-l) and the short girder (B-2) arc cut out of the same piece of wood. This assemblage is extremely complex. First the nose (В 1) is inserted into girder A. After the tenon has gone through, the nose is rotated at 90 degrees and pushed toward A in its final position. Afterward, the short girder В 2 is assembled onto girders A and B-l.

© The girder nose 1В 1 ) is rotated at 90 degrees from its previous position. |

* ‘ ‘ -| О

Top: corner column. Bottom from left to right: Girder nose В 1 , short girder В 2. long girder A, hip rafter

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В 1 : Girder nose